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Letters from Mayor Warren,  Superintendent Fleishman, and other city and school officials regarding lead in our water

Below are links to letters from the mayor and superintendent regarding lead in our water. Please also see our page summarizing city and school plans for remediation at Burr and for district-wide lead monitoring and control. This summary is based on the letters linked below as well as upon public meetings and our own conversations with city and school officials.

October 6, 2016: Update on 3rd round of post-remediation testing at Burr — lead levels finally look safe. See letter, testing results, and our explanation of the improvement.

September 16, 2016: Update on 2nd round of post-remediation testing at Burr — lead levels lower but still too high. See letter and testing results. Also see our explanation for the change in results.

September 2, 2016: Update on post-remediation testing at Burr — lead levels still high and fountains shut off. See letter and testing results.

August 17, 2016: Burr remediation progress update #2. (This update omits the news that the plan has been revised such that existing pipes with lead solder will be reused for hot water supply to sinks.)

July 26, 2016: Burr remediation progress update #1.

July 20, 2016: Lead Memo sent to Newton Community from the city.

July 18, 2016: Letter from Superintendent Fleishman sharing results of first comprehensive drinking water testing conducted in Newton schools. Nine schools in addition to Burr found to have lead levels above action level.

July 8, 2016: Letter from Superintendent Fleishman distributing written remediation plan for Burr.

July 1, 2016: Letter regarding outdoor fountains shut off. After shutting off all water fountains in our parks following test results showing high levels of lead, the city is currently running a survey about usage of fountains at our city parks. Please, if you have a spare 4 seconds, take the survey ( about your usage of outdoor fountains at public parks. It can only help the city better prepare for potential remediation. There is a write-in area at the bottom for your thoughts. Please let your officials know what you’d like addressed. It doesn’t hurt to keep our voices heard. The fountain testing results were not disclosed with the letter, but are available thanks to the Newton Tab with their article or now from us here.

June 24, 2016: Letter from Superintendent Fleishman – Remediation Plan Meeting. Accompanying results summary updated with service line results and more.

June 20, 2016: Superintendent Fleishman – Water Testing Results

June 14, 2016: Letter from Superintendent Fleishman – meeting follow-up. Accompanying testing result summary (now including historical results uncovered by parents and the Newton Tab).

June 13, 2016: Letter from Mayor Warren (This is an important one, with the mayor’s new commitment to more comprehensive and independent testing.)

June 3, 2016:  Letter from Mayor Warren & Superintendent Fleishman – Burr Update

June 1, 2016: Letter from Principal Johal – Burr Water Update. Accompanying second and third round Burr test results.

June 1, 2016: Letter from Superintendent Fleishman to Ward community.

May 20, 2016: Letter from Mayor Warren & Superintendent Fleishman – Water Testing Results. Accompanying first-round district test results.

May 18, 2016: Letter from Superintendent Fleishman – Water Testing Update.

May 17, 2016: Letter from Mayor Warren & Superintendent Fleishman.