Parent Liaisons

On June 28th, 2016, we wrote to the mayor and superintendent announcing three parent liaisons to the city, and three to the school department. These parents were selected from volunteers by election with over 50 votes cast. The six chosen are all Burr parents, but those running included a Ward parent, and those signing the letter include parents from Burr, Ward, and Underwood. Clearly “Parents of Burr” has expanded beyond Burr, as lead in our schools is an issue city wide. Our letter asks the city and school department to engage with the liaisons collaboratively and to listen to their input specifically regarding remediation at Burr and more generally regarding lead monitoring and control at all our schools. Contact any individually, or the whole group at

Current Liaisons

  1. Jessica Sturtevant (
  2. Matt B. Mahoney (
  3. Michael Grubb ( Michael and his wife Ani have a rising first grader at Burr elementary, and a son who will enter Kindergarden in 2017. 
  4. Meredith Berg (
  5. Doug Whittington (
  6. Tamika Olszewski (

Former Liaisons