District-Wide Lead Monitoring and Control

District-Wide Lead Monitoring and Control Plans*

(updated August 11th, 2016):

Note: Recent updates have been highlighted in red.

  1. Definition of responsibility: The city is responsible for planning and executing water testing. The school department is responsible for communicating test results, and developing remediation plans.
  2. Labeling: All fountains and sinks to be tested will be labeled on building floor plans so NPS knows which test results go with which fixtures.
  3. Testing: Independent firm, Universal Environmental, will:
    1. Test playground water fountains (complete, see results).
    2. Sample every fountain, every nurse room sink, every kitchen sink, and every staff room sink in every Newton school. These results were released in July.
    3. School testing will be repeated at the end of February vacation in 2017 and 2018. This will allow water to sit before sampling at least as long as it does over a long weekend, ensuring that sampling captures the worst case.
    4. Keep good records.
  4. Explanation of testing: Classroom sinks and bathroom sinks will not be tested because the city believes that no one should drink from these sinks. All 55 classroom combination sinks (that include a bubbler with the sink) will be removed and replaced with regular sinks to be consistent with the recommendation for no drinking from classroom sinks.
  5. Communication and record keeping: The school department will transparently share all test results in a timely manner. The utilities department will maintain records of all testing results.
  6. Response to elevated lead levels: Any fixtures which test above 10ppb will be replaced and retested. If this does not resolve the problem, further investigation into the source of the lead will be completed.
  7. Signage: Signs will be posted near all sinks
    • Classroom sinks: Washing and cleaning only, no drinking
    • Bathroom sinks: Hand washing only, no cleaning or drinking
    • Staff room, nurse room, and kitchen sinks: Drinking, washing, and cleaning, but drinking only from the cold tap.
  8. Flushing: All fountains, staff room, nurse room, and kitchen sinks will be flushed after summer vacation, winter vacation, February vacation, and April vacation. 
  9. Preschool Tooth Brushing: Newton North, Newton South, and NPS preschool programs each will likely need access to at least one sink for tooth brushing. Mike Cronin will communicate with preschool programs and these special cases may require an additional bathroom or classroom sink be added to the annual testing list, and have different signage to allow for tooth brushing.
  10. Future: The city and school department will seek advice and support from MassDEP in updating our lead monitoring and control policies and protocols..

*SOURCES: Mayor Warren’s letter of June 13, Dr. Zaleznik and Superintendent Fleishman’s remarks at the community meeting of the same date, Superintendent Fleishman’s letters of June 14, June 20, and June 24, phone conversation with Dr. Zaleznik on July 6, 2016, and meetings between parent liaisons and NPS and city staff on July 21st and August 11th.